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With a network of over 700 recruiters across the UK and established relationships with fieldwork agencies across the globe, Acumen Fieldwork are well placed to provide comprehensive market research recruitment in any number of geographic locations or social demographics.


We pride ourselves on maintaining an excellent working relationship with all of our research partners and we employ a number of quality control procedures to maintain our ISO 20252 accreditation. These include, working solely with trained and experience recruiters, verifying all external project paperwork, performing pre-checks internally and use data screening software to detect serial and fraudulent respondents.


In order to work with Acumen Fieldwork, recruiters must:

  • Return a self-completion form which outlines their expertise along with details of their capabilities
  • Provide industry relevant references that demonstrate their experience as a recruiter
  • Agree to having 100% of their respondents verified and checked with our data screening software and by our fieldwork managers


Qualitative Research Services Market Sectors Covered:
  • Focus Group Recruitment
  • Automotive
  • Public Services / Utilities
  • Depth Interviews
  • Drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic)
  • Media
  • Ethnographies
  • Fashion / Clothing
  • Internet / IT
  • List/Sample Recruitment
  • Employee Research
  • FMCG – General
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Entertainment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Face to Face Recruitment
  • Charity / Voluntary
  • Environmental
  • Telephone Recruitment
  • Sports / Leisure / Arts
  • Finance / Investments
  • In Store Recruitment
  • Toiletries / Beauty
  • Government / Local Authority
  • Accompanied Shops
  • Travel / Tourism
  • Home / Garden DIY
  • User Tests
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunications


To discuss how Acumen Fieldwork can help with your market research requirements across the UK and International Markets, contact us on either:

0161 234 9940 or [email protected]

We’ve worked with Acumen for many years on a wide variety of projects. Fundamentally they get the right people in the right place at the right time, but what differentiates them from other suppliers in the industry is their willingness to think around the project and provide creative approaches to difficult recruitment challenges, and respond proactively to problems as and when they arise to ensure that more often than not they can give us the solution at the same time as raising the issue!

— Owen Williams, The Value Engineers