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Acustat is the data processing department within Acumen Fieldwork, founded to continue the pursuit of a comprehensive service for clients who require specialised expertise and the assurances that come with a renowned market research fieldwork agency. In addition to providing all data survey scripting and hosting services, Acustat is also able to offer data processing and reporting facilities in line with the clients requirements.
Initially founded to provide in-house data processing services for Acumen’s quantitative department, Acustat has grown to become a stand-alone service for multiple research agencies who have come to rely upon the efficient and smooth service offered by the Acustat team.

Acustat Data Processing Services

  • Full survey scripting and hosting
  • Surveys designed to blend in with existing web-design
  • Full survey functionality including question skips, questions repeats, screen-out questions and more
  • Data Processing including verbatim data collection
  • Data reporting in any required file format
  • On & Offline survey software

To discuss how Acustat can assist with your research needs across the UK and International Markets contact Steve Churchley on 0161 234 9940 [email protected]

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" We’ve worked with Acumen for many years on a wide variety of projects. Fundamentally they get the right people in the right place at the right time, but what differentiates them from other suppliers in the industry is their willingness to think around the project and provide creative approaches to difficult recruitment challenges, and respond proactively to problems as and when they arise to ensure that more often than not they can give us the solution at the same time as raising the issue!"

 Owen WilliamsThe Value Engineers