B2B market research company

We’re an award-winning B2B market research company with the outstanding fieldwork skills and experience to deliver on even the most challenging B2B research briefs.

Acumen has its own dedicated team that specialises in B2B and social research. With over 15 years’ combined experience, they have the know-how to go beyond traditional recruitment methods to find even the hardest-to-reach participants for your B2B research.

If you’d like to talk to us about your project, get a quote or find out more about our B2B work, get in touch with us today: ring 0161 234 9940 or email costings@acumenfieldwork.com.


Our company’s B2B research methods

At Acumen we excel at finding participants to match even the most exacting criteria. It’s what makes us stand out as a leading B2B market research company. 

Our B2B excellence is built on years of sound market research practices that have made us leaders in the field. We have a database of over 150,000 opted-in participants. Our exclusive Acumonitor system ensures that we find the freshest candidates who meet the right criteria.

In addition to our research database, our B2B team cultivates a strong social media presence. This helps them stay across trends, and is crucial for making and maintaining contacts with individuals who match the specifics in our clients’ briefs.


How we deliver on business and industry research

Our B2B excellence is built on years of sound market research practices that have made us leaders in the field.

We are frequently asked by businesses to find business owners or influencers, operating in niche areas, for research on brands and trends. And we have experience of recruiting decision-makers in UK businesses, responsible for purchases and company investments.

Acumen was recently asked to find people with a personal wealth of over £100m to participate in a B2B research project. We had to go beyond our database and regular recruitment methods and do extensive research and use new connections to recruit based on this unusual brief.


Award-winning B2B market research company

Acumen are industry leaders in market research, with a number of industry awards and nominations to prove it. We work to rigorous quality standards and are members of a number of organisations which ensure we always deliver work to the highest standards.

Our case studies give an instant picture of the types of research and projects we’ve excelled at over the years. What stands out is our attention to detail and ability to find specific and even niche participants to the clients’ brief.

Recently we were nominated for an award for our work finding marginalised voices for a study on accessing government services during the pandemic. The skills we used for that project – recruiting participants from diverse communities who don’t normally engage with research – are the same ‘detective’ qualities we’ll bring to B2B research. We relish opportunities to find hard-to-reach participants who light up a project.


Business-to-business research services

On top of our specialist participant recruitment, we provide qualitative market research services for B2B clients, including:

  • Focus Groups
  • Interviews
  • Workshops
  • Customer and Stakeholder events
  • Online Interviews

We are also expert in all types of quantitative research, including online surveys, user testing, hall tests and exit interviews. Our fieldworkers work alongside our data team, and this multi-disciplinary approach ensures you get the best outcomes. 


Meet our B2B research team

Our B2B market research company offers unparalleled expertise, starting from the moment of your enquiry and continuing through to regular updates every step of the way. You can find out more about our dedicated B2B research team here, including recent research topics and who the members of our team are. 

Our B2B fieldworkers take a highly personalised approach to recruitment. Some of our projects involve online outreach, then long telephone discussions with participants, and sharing information on the goals of the initiative to build engagement.

Our B2B work is backed up by other areas of specialism within the agency. We have a healthcare research department, which has bred a high level of sensitivity and professionalism in our approach to participants. And we have international reach, with the ability to recruit participants across borders and timelines.


Work with us – get in touch

If you’d like to find out more about the work our B2B market research company does, or get advice on your brief or costings, please get in touch with us via one of the methods below:

Acumen’s clients range from businesses to market research agencies and brands. We strive to create long-lasting partnerships, growing with clients on every project while delivering high quality B2B fieldwork that enables them to achieve the results they need. We’d love the opportunity to bring your B2B research project to life and work closely with you to deliver it.