Our dedicated healthcare fieldwork market research team are specialists in studies involving healthcare professionals and healthcare users. We have expertise in the recruitment and management of human factors research, medical device usability and pharmaceutical market research.

The knowledge and skills that we have gained from our years of working specifically within this market sector are highly valued by our clients for discussing the feasibility of projects and how to effectively engage participants.

We have our own UK-wide database of both healthcare professionals and healthcare users who provide us with the full scope of disease areas and professional specialisms required for any healthcare research. We also have strong community partnerships and work with a number of organisations which expands our scope and reach much further than traditional recruitment.

Beyond the capabilities of our healthcare team, we provide a deep sense of care and professionalism. Working within this market sector presents different challenges to consumer research and we’ve invested within our healthcare fieldwork team to ensure we uphold the highest levels of professionalism, sensitivity and industry accreditations.

We’re confident across all methodologies including some of the ones listed here:

  • Focus Groups/Interviews
  • In home interviews
  • In work interviews
  • Usability Studies
  • Health Economics and Outcomes Research
  • Participant diaries
  • Fieldwork Research with Healthcare users, patients and carers for a range of conditions
  • Fieldwork Research with Healthcare professionals in all industries, at all levels of seniority.


Our healthcare fieldwork team are sensitive not only to the needs of your research but also the audience you’re trying to engage with, so when you’re working with us you can expect:

  • We will take the time to discuss your research, understanding the intricacies of your project.
  • Our medical fieldwork team will work closely with you to create the documentation for your project, including a schedule and screening questionnaire
  • Using our database of healthcare users and professionals, supplemented by our community contacts, we will begin finding the participants you need.
  • Full feedback on recruitment progress at all stages of the project to keep you updated on project quotas and delivery.
  • We will source venues and, where required, people to assist you on the day of your research.
  • Once healthcare recruitment is completed you will receive full participant profiles ahead of your research taking place.

To know more about our healthcare services contact Jordan Ashall on 0161 234 9940 or email



Jordan Ashall

Healthcare Lead

Jordan is a key member of the healthcare team, providing senior level support across the department on a variety of projects and leading the team on a number of initiatives, such as increasing our database of healthcare participants. Jordan is always happy to lend his experience to clients during the early stages, scoping out phases of a new projects. This early involvement can really help to ensure the success of the project with clients getting the insights they need and participants feeling engaged and valued.


Alan Shirley

Senior Project and Recruitment Manager

Al is kept fairly busy with his young family of two daughters, Etta and Wren. When they’re not keeping him on his toes he indulges his love of watching sports – especially when it comes to heading down to Twickenham to watch the Rugby International matches.

Back at home he can usually be found in the kitchen cooking up a storm for his friends and family.


Will Hancock

Project Manager

Will transitioned from the world of retail, where he thrived for many years, to a completely new challenge. The unknown of each day in his new role keeps things interesting, and he enjoys the variety it brings.

One of the highlights for Will is speaking to participants. He finds it a pleasure to connect with so many interesting people and learn about their backgrounds.

Outside of work, Will enjoys live music and unwinds with a nerdy hobby – Dungeons & Dragons!


Vicki Moran

Project & Recruitment Manager

It’s well-known in the office that Vicki is the person to speak to you if you have an interest in all things vintage. She’s an expert bargain hunter and always manages to find those hidden gems. She’s also a passionate vegan, tea drinker and red wine connoisseur – although not all at the same time.

Vicki keeps herself fit with pole dance fitness classes and keeps herself entertained with horror and sci-fi books and movies.


Harriet Connell

Senior Recruitment Specialist

Harriet is by her own admission a restless soul. Finding it hard to sit still for very long she fills her time away from work with the gym, partying the night away at events like the Warehouse Project and long heady weekends at festivals.

The big dream is to do much more travelling. Her favourite destinations so far include Barcelona and Singapore – but she’s already busy thinking about all the places she’d love to go over the next couple of years.


Elle Stephens

Project and Recruitment Manager

Elle enjoys everything that Manchester has to offer; whether that’s the cinema, bars or the many restaurants that goes to with her friends. Her favourite things for some relaxation are reading and watching movies, as well as catching up on whatever TV series she’s currently binge watching.

Of course none of that compares to perhaps the most important relationship in Elle’s life: Taylor Swift. Her love for this legend has put Elle in the top 33,000 listeners on Spotify which requires some serious man hours. For this dedication alone we all stand by Elle and her passion and anyone who’s not on the Taylor train… well, “Haters gonna hate”.