The B2B and Social Research department was created in response to the growing demand for research with individuals and communities that traditional market research projects have not targeted in the past. In some cases, being hard to reach was a consequence of geo-specific quotas – many of which can now be targeted online – but it was also due to many of these potential participants being hard to reach such as high net worth individuals, or because they are marginalised from society and unintentionally excluded from research.

This highly specialised team seeks to redress that imbalance. With over 15 years of collective experience in recruitment and fieldwork they offer unparalleled expertise, starting from the moment they receive an enquiry as well as through regular updates at every stage of the project management. What really sets the B2B and Social Research team apart from other recruitment is that they actively search for those voices which aren’t typically included in market research. While they may have access to a database of over 150,000 participants and a strong presence on social media, it’s actually using their experience to go beyond traditional methods of recruitment and connect with communities which helps them to deliver even the trickiest specifications.

Some of our recent research topics include:

  • Business owners and influencers over a range of industries
  • Fleet managers
  • Refugees and Asylum seekers
  • Social workers working with extremism, homelessness and addiction
  • Social Media influencers
  • High Net Worth individuals
  • Ethnic and faith diversity studies


Charlotte Ashall

Qualitative Lead – B2B and Social Research

When she’s not leading the B2B and Social Research Team, Charlotte main hobby is her devotion to all the American reality TV shows – although we’re not entirely sure that counts as a hobby. She also a avid runner and devotes a lot of her time to that.

Charlotte’s biggest claim to fame was appearing on Good Morning Britain when Kumbuka the Gorilla escaped from his enclosure during Acumen’s Fieldwork conference at London Zoo. We’re just glad she put in all those training hours as a runner.


Andy Fuller

Project and Recruitment Manager

Andy is a consummate sportsman. Not only was he a professional Rugby Player – which he now enjoys with as many trips to Twickenham as he can – but he showed his love of all sports prior to joining the company as a Senior School Leader in Physical Education.

Unsurprisingly this love of sports spills over into all aspects of his life as he claims his Mastermind specialist subject would be WWF wrestling from the 90’s.

Andy also has an impressive travelling resume, managing to visit 21 different countries in 2019. We’re still not clear if that was for pleasure or if he was on the run from Interpol.

To know more about our Social & B2B services contact Charlotte Ashall on 0161 234 9940 or email costings@acumenfieldwork.com