Our quantitative market research services team at Acumen have worked hard to bring the market research industry a unique service offering. We’re a close-knit team of quant research specialists who complement each other with individual project experience and know-how. This is something that’s been recognised in the market research industry with a number of nominations for our quantitative agency services at the MRS Awards and the affiliated Operations Awards.

While our experience spans across all methods; from on-street data capture to managing online communities and product placement trials – the one thing that sums up our work is the care and attention we put into your project.

This comes because how our quant team works. We do all of our work in-house, keeping our fieldworkers alongside our data team to ensure that your project receives the full attention that it needs. And we like to work as an extension of your team – available to discuss your brief and resolve any issues at any stage of the project.

This combination of knowledge and resources allows us to deliver meaningful insights regardless of your budget or timescale. We’re able to assist with any quantitative research and are frequently asked to provide the following quantitative research services:

  • Online/CATI
  • On street
  • In Store
  • Exit Interviews
  • Hall Tests/Taste Tests
  • Product Placement/i-HUT’s
  • Mystery Shopping
  • User Testing 


We’re happy to work with you as your consultative partners, discussing your brief and then designing all elements of the quantitative research to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. Working with us means:

  • We’ll consult with you on your research proposal to understand the full premise of your project.
  • We’ll work with you to devise the best strategy to meet the aims of your research in the most effective and efficient way.
  • We’ll create all documentation to support your project
  • Full survey scripting with capacity to manage quotas in real time and regular updates from fieldwork team
  • 10% of all data collected is verified in line with our ISO20252 accreditation
  • Data Analysis completed by our in-house team and delivered in SPSS, Excel or an alternative format

To know more about our quant research services contact us on 0161 234 9940 or email quantcostings@acumenfieldwork.com



Becki Pickering

Fieldwork Director

Becki has worked at Acumen for as long as anyone can remember. Outside the office, Becki loves to spend time with her little boy and is to teaching him the key things in life…lie-ins are essential. In lieu of that, Gin and tonic makes most things better. LFC are the only team to follow and holidays abroad are a must!

Once found dancing into the early hours of indie bars Becki now tends to spend free time in soft play. Music (pre 2000!) however is still a huge passion of hers and each day she has those fingers crossed for an Oasis reunion (did she mention she has met Liam and Noel?!).


Richard Lumour

Project Manager

A self-confessed geek and not afraid to admit it; Richard has an encyclopaedic knowledge of everything related to Star Wars. He even offers people the chance to challenge him on his knowledge of The Force. But that’s not the complete picture of Richard as he’s also an accomplished chef – he even took those skills and worked at the 2012 Olympic Games which was a huge highlight of his career.

Richard also loves to spend time with his family, getting together every Friday night to play a variety of board games. Possibly Star Wars related?


Dan Hassall

Data Specialist

Dan is the data expert behind the work that Acumen’s quant team conduct. He supports the department by taking the raw data from our projects and uses it to create accessible reports for our clients. Dan is also responsible for scripting our online surveys and, thanks to his talent for programming, is also able to build bespoke software for research projects that go beyond what would otherwise be possible. Away from the office Dan is a keen wrestler and also practices Jiu Jitsu.


Joe Wood

Project Manager

As part of my BA in Human Geography I had the chance to spend a year Shanghai, China. Well, nearly a year… I was sent home because of COVID! But it also gave me the opportunity to travel the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia.

I enjoy drinking, dining and laughing with friends and playing a range of different sports; from Football and Golf to Sailing and Kayaking.


Jack Roscoe

Project Manager

Jack is an out and proud nerd. He holds that mantle aloft with the joy he feels when the latest copy of National Geographic comes through the letterbox. He loves to read and usually manages to get through some of the Booker Prize shortlist and some history books each year. 

Naturally he’s also a keen explorer, regularly going on camping trips, and travelling in general to tick cities, museums and wonderful places off his bucket list.


He’s also a fan of indie video games and old blues and rock and roll, which he indulges in when he’s not on the road.