Our close-knit team of Quantitative project managers bring together a diverse range of skills which complement the businesses’ Quantitative offering. Covering everything from traditional on-street data capture to online panels with full survey scripting and design, we work as an extension of your team, representing your interests with a keen eye for detail and high standard of quality.


We are a highly resourceful team with access to over 600 interviewers and an online panel of over 3 million subscribers which allow a broad offering of services. This is a selection of some of these services:

  • Online/CATI
  • On street
  • In Store
  • Exit Interviews
  • Hall Tests/Taste Tests
  • Product Placement/i-HUT’s
  • Mystery Shopping
  • User Testing 


We’re happy to work with you as your consultative partners, discussing your brief and then designing all elements of the research to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. Working with us means:

  • We’ll consult with you on your research proposal to understand the full premise of your project.
  • We’ll work with you to devise the best strategy to meet the aims of your research in the most effective and efficient way.
  • We’ll create all documentation to support your project
  • Full survey scripting with capacity to manage quotas in real time and regular updates from fieldwork team
  • 10% of all data collected is verified in line with our ISO20252 accreditation
  • Data Analysis completed by our in-house team and delivered in SPSS, Excel or an alternative format

To know more about our services contact Dean Cope on 0161 234 9940 or email dean.cope@acumenfieldwork.com



Becki Pickering

Fieldwork Director

As the Fieldwork Director at Acumen, Becki is responsible for overseeing the qual, quant and healthcare departments and is often the main point of contact for all international research projects. Having been recently elected to the board of the AQR Becki will be sharing some of the knowledge she’s gained during her years in the industry, working with a range of clients on a variety of projects, at research related events and through AQR led initiatives.


Dean Cope

Head of Quantitative Fieldwork

Dean leads our busy quant team and works alongside clients to ensure that they are supported throughout the lifecycle of their project and that everything is delivered to the highest standard. Since being in his role, Dean has seen his department’s offering expand from mostly face to face services to the full range of quant services, including online, hall tests and product placement trials. Dean was also integral to Acumen’s nomination for ‘Best Innovation’ at the 2018 MRS Awards.


Lee Higgins

Senior Fieldwork Manager

As one of the senior members of the quantitative team Lee works on everything from managing large scale F2F studies, product tests and in-home trials. He’s always happy to lend his knowledge and expertise to his clients to ensure they hit the quotas they need. Lee’s become particularly adept at online research, working alongside our data team to script and deliver online studies. Outside of work, Lee is a big sports fan with a Manchester City season ticket that he’s proudly held onto for over 20 years.


Steve Churchley

Data Analysis Manager

As the Data Analysis Manager at Acumen, Steve is in charge of all the output which is produced from our quantitative research. Steve works on some of our most complex studies and loves nothing more than pulling it altogether to create reports which, in his words, “really make the data sing and dance”. Before working at Acumen, Steve was a freelance software developer and these skills have been invaluable as he also frequently collaborates with our IT team to create bespoke software solutions for the business. Steve devotes his time outside of work to his family, friends and his beloved Manchester United.


Dan Hassall

Data Analyst

Dan is the data expert behind the work that Acumen’s quant team conduct. He supports the department by taking the raw data from our projects and uses it to create accessible reports for our clients. Dan is also responsible for scripting our online surveys and, thanks to his talent for programming, is also able to build bespoke software for research projects that go beyond what would otherwise be possible. Away from the office Dan is a keen wrestler and also practices Jiu Jitsu.