B2B research consultants

Are you looking for B2B research consultants to help you with your industry research? If you have B2B research that calls for specific or hard-to-find people, you’ve come to the right place.

Acumen is an award winning market research agency with specialist fieldwork skills that make us perfectly suited to find even the most challenging participants for business-to-business data collection and studies.

We have a dedicated B2B research team who know how to go well beyond the normal recruitment channels to find the right participants for any project, no matter how niche.

If you’d like to talk to us, get a quote or get advice on your brief, get in touch with our B2B team today: ring 0161 234 9940 or email costings@acumenfieldwork.com.


What exactly is B2B research?

B2B market research helps you answer highly focused questions about your business. You may be looking for insights from prospective customers. Or you may wish to hear from customers you’ve lost who’ve gone over to competitors. 

Alternatively, your research may be focused on your workforce rather than your product, and you may wish to gather information from people who do particular roles in other businesses like yours. 

Very often, B2B research involves looking for people with decision-making responsibility over purchases and investments. This way you can better understand how decisions are made related to your product.


Outstanding research agency for B2B

Acumen are award-winning market research consultants, with a proven track record in recruitment in specialist areas. We have international reach, and a long-established area of expertise in the healthcare sector.

We maintain a database of over 150,000 research participants, and have developed our own system, Acumonitor, for verifying we’ve found the freshest participants who match the exact criteria that our clients need for their research.

But what really sets us apart from other B2B research consultants is our people and how we work.

We have the flexibility and personal skills to dig deeper and think creatively when presented with recruitment challenges. Our recent work finding marginalised voices for public sector research demonstrates how far we engage beyond traditional methods to find the candidates our clients need. You can read this and all our case studies here.


Examples of our B2B research

Acumen’s B2B team recently had to find people with a personal wealth of over £100m to participate in research. The challenge here was not just finding the right individuals, but also persuading them to devote some of their time and energy for the research.

A more typical B2B research request is to find people with responsibility for commissioning or purchasing, to better understand their decision-making processes. Fleet Managers for retailers such as Morrison’s are an example of participants we have recruited for this type of research.

We also use our B2B team’s social media presence and skills to find social media influencers. Our clients value the opinions and feedback of influencers to tell them what is resonating with their followers, and why they’ve chosen to work with some brands over others.


Business-to-business research experts

Acumen’s reputation as excellent B2B research consultants is built on the skills and talents of our team. They have over 15 years of collective experience in recruitment and fieldwork. Our B2B team offers unparalleled expertise, starting from the moment they receive an enquiry through to regular updates at every stage of the project management. 

Our work on social research, finding hard to reach participants and persuading them to engage in market research, complements the B2B arm of our research consultancy.

Recently, a social research project where we persuaded under-represented groups to take part in public sector research gained us a nomination for an industry award. The recruitment involved online outreach, long telephone discussions with participants, and sharing information on the goals of the initiative. 

Our B2B and social team use their experience to go beyond traditional methods of recruitment and connect with hard-to-reach individuals and groups. This is what helps them to deliver to even the trickiest specifications.


Work with Acumen

You can find out more about our B2B research team here, including our recent research topics and who the members of our team are.They’d love to help bring your B2B research project to life and deliver on your goals.

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We are leading a B2B research consultancy who will work with you every step of the way. Acumen maintains rigorous quality standards and are members of a number of organisations which ensure we always deliver work to the highest industry standards.