International Case Study – Beauty Buyers

The Study

Acumen were asked by Kadence International to provide recruitment on a project they were conducting on behalf of a well-known beauty brand. The client wanted to conduct research in 6 international markets, including France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK.

The research was going to be conducted using an online forum which would require participants to login and participate with others in the study in addition to interacting with the researchers who would set daily tasks and request information on their routines, regimens and the types of beauty products they used.

Our Approach

The premise of this research was straightforward; the criteria for the required participants was clear and the fieldwork team at Acumen were confident they would be able to find all of the participants in the UK and internationally. What made this project slightly trickier was that the client required all of the recruitment to be completed during the 5 working days between the project being signed off and the participant details being uploaded to the forum.

Usually on international market research projects there is a larger time-frame for the recruitment process in order to provide sufficient time for us to liaise with partners in the field and establish the project. Fortunately Acumen have built strong relationships with many suppliers in all of the target markets the client required which meant we were able to hit the ground running and turn the project around within the 5 day window.