Quantitative Case Study – Footwear Brand

The Study

A leading footwear brand wanted to know more about the purchase process that consumers go through when buying new shoes. They were interested in collecting sample data across a variety of markets including the UK, US, China, France and South Korea.

Our Approach

The quantitative market research team in Acumen have networks of interviewers throughout the UK and partners who can provide on-street interviewers throughout Europe and much of the world. We collaborated with them to create a schedule and a quota which would ensure we could meet the number of completes the client required in the time that was needed. The team used their own app to capture the data the client needed, positioning interviewers so that they could intercept shoppers and perform exit interviews. As this project was being conducted across multiple countries our survey also had to be formatted to the linguistic needs of that location.

We were able to program the survey for all countries ensuring that questions and responses were accurately collected in a consistent format which ensured data delivery was a quick and smooth process.

The Outcome

We were able to meet the clients required quotas providing them with a full picture of the consumer purchase process across a number of markets with complete accuracy and consistency. The client was then able to incorporate this into a number of campaigns which targeted potential customers with POS advertising and promotional material based on the analysis of the data we provided.