Fieldwork focus groups

Fieldwork focus groups are a great way to gather opinions and feedback on a topic or a product.

Acumen Market Research are experts at qualitative market research methods such as fieldwork focus groups, and we can help you to shape your research project and choose the best methodologies for the outcomes you’re seeking. 

We’re also skilled at creating questionnaires for focus groups. As fieldwork is a speciality of Acumen’s, we’ll find participants for your focus group, no matter how specialist or what the subject area. Healthcare is one of our areas of expertise, and we have a dedicated fieldwork team for medical market research.

Finally, we’ll distill feedback from the focus group and analyse any other data that may be relevant to the project. Our data analysts work alongside our fieldwork research teams, providing a high level of collaboration and cooperation that yields outstanding outcomes.

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What is a fieldwork focus group?

Fieldwork is the term used for the collection of first-hand data from external sources, for example would-be customers, users, or members of specific groups (such as parents with young children). 

Focus groups and interviews are examples of qualitative fieldwork. This type of information gathering is often followed by a data processing step, and then analysis and reporting.

A focus group is a planned discussion led by a facilitator, designed to gather opinions on a defined topic or product. While focus groups are a great way of meeting many market research objectives, they are not suited to all research outcomes.


When are fieldwork focus groups best?

Focus groups are often used to test out products or marketing materials on consumers. User testing, when done in groups, is a good use of focus groups. People can use an item or app and discuss it together. They can also provide varied responses to the interviewer/facilitator in one sitting, rather than having to conduct a series of one-to-one interviews.

Focus groups are also good at delving into quantitative data in more depth. If there are responses to a survey that seem surprising or that are particularly important to a product, convening a fieldwork focus group to look at these questions together can yield thoughtful answers and useful data.

Fieldwork focus groups can also be used ahead of quantitative research, to test out questions to see how they land, and ensure there’s no hidden information or bias in your survey.


Focus groups and Acumen

We have years of experience in all forms of qualitative research, including fieldwork and focus groups. We work to the highest quality standards, with industry accreditation and awards for our data collection and innovation.

As soon as we receive your brief we will start work on a full schedule to deliver your project within your timescale and budget. We will create documentation, including questionnaires and supporting paperwork.

We will use our network of over 700 recruiters throughout the UK to put your project into the field and find the participants needed. Your dedicated project manager will keep you updated at all stages of the recruitment process.

Zoom focus groups have become a popular and cost-effective way to run this type of fieldwork, and this is something we can easily facilitate. However, if you prefer to run your focus group in person, we can also source venues and provide assistance on the day of your research.


The right people for your focus group

One thing that really sets us apart is the quality of our fieldwork. And this is down to the experience of our teams who have assembled extensive databases of participants, links to community groups and organisations, and a strong social media presence.

Take a look at our Case Studies to see how we excel in meeting clients’ briefs for research participants, no matter how specific or even niche.

We have international reach for all the research that we offer. And we have added specialism in the healthcare sector, with a dedicated healthcare fieldwork team and extensive database of medical professionals and volunteer research participants who have been diagnosed with a range of conditions.

We will verify each person recruited for your focus group through our exclusive Acumonitor and pre-check participants to ensure they meet the research criteria.

Available only to Acumen’s clients, Acumonitor ensures that we offer only the freshest participants who match the exact criteria that our clients need for their research. Find out how it works here.


Qualitative research fieldwork with Acumen

We’d be happy to talk over your project and plans for a fieldwork focus group, and provide a quote for the work. Please get in touch with us on 0161 234 9940 or use the contact form below.


Meet the team of market research fieldwork experts who’ll be helping you with your project at Acumen. We have excellent fieldwork market research reviews from our clients, and we’d love to embark on a long-lasting partnership with you.