Hall tests market research

If you are looking for immediate yet ample feedback about your product from the public, hall tests market research is the way to go. Hall tests market research are where participants are invited into a central location to engage in market research. 

Put more plainly, the Cambridge dictionary ​​definition is: Hall tests is a method used by companies for testing a product or ad, in which they invite a group of people into a room and ask their opinions on it.

Simple, right? It certainly is, and hall testing is a cost effective method of market research that mainstream products and big brands use to generate a large number of respondents in one day. It yields quantitative data across a broad sample, and is usually done face to face.

Acumen are experts at all forms of quantitative market research, including hall tests (which are also sometimes referred to as CLT – central location testing). We deliver high quality fieldwork for any type of product. 

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Location: the key to hall test success

The key to successful hall tests market research is finding the right location. Hall testing is built on finding suitable participants as they walk past the ‘hall’ or venue, then inviting them into the venue to show them the product, get reactions, and ask some simple questions.

Your location for testing will vary if you want gym-goers to respond to a new energy snack or parents to react to a product created for young children. Knowing how to tailor fieldwork, identify suitable locations for varying samples, and locate the right ‘halls’ or venues for the research will determine how successful the outcome will be.

At Acumen we are experts at all forms of quantitative market research including hall tests. We’ve put together these five tips to help you understand what it takes to conduct successful hall testing for any product.

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What kind of data do hall tests give you?

Hall tests fall under the banner of quantitative market research. They’re not going to provide you with detailed analysis from potential customers or users.

What they will give is instant reactions and feedback from a large number of people – enough to reflect patterns generally and also answer certain obvious questions you may have about your product before launch or rebranding.

Engaged participants can be asked a couple of follow-up questions that may move the needle a bit toward qualitative research. Hall tests can also be a great way to recruit participants for more in-depth quantitative market testing research at a later date.

But it’s important to remember that the point of hall testing is to get reactions from a large sample of people on the day, and not get bogged down.


Pros and cons of hall tests research

Hall tests are relatively quick and easy to run. Getting the script of questions right will make it run more smoothly. We advise that you avoid leading questions, and make sure you’re eliciting the right level of detail for your research.

Giving participants incentives will make the researchers’ job easier and ensure a large number of participants. MRS guidance is anything that takes longer than five minutes’ of the participant’s time should be incentivised. So your budget should allow for incentives such as free products.

On the downside, hall tests can be non-representative if you are looking for a true cross-section of the public to test your product. Members of the public at a busy shopping centre will have more in common than you think.

We are experts at fieldwork at Acumen, well placed to advise you on representation when conducting any kind of research. See this case study on economic fairness, where we are proud of finding and engaging hard to reach groups and won an MRS award for best data collection (face to face).


Research your market with hall testing

We can design and conduct hall tests to ensure they get the results you are after while keeping costs down. We’re happy to discuss any research methodology and will provide transparent and practical advice on the feasibility of your project. Acumen is able to provide fieldwork in both the UK and international markets.

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