Healthcare Market Research Agency

Acumen are a leading UK choice for anyone requiring a healthcare market research agency.

We are a highly respected, award-winning market research agency with a specialism in the healthcare field.

As you would expect of a market research agency, we are experts in both quantitative and qualitative research, and we take this a stage further by embracing new technologies and introducing proprietary participant vetting technology.

Where we differ is also having a proven track record of working with those within healthcare. We therefore have a number of factors that set us apart.


Our Advantages As A Healthcare Market Research Agency


We have a dedicated team.

When working on projects relating to healthcare, we don’t have to pull together a team of people who might be new to this area. We don’t have to get up to speed, or learn about the individualistic requirements of this form of research.

Instead, we have a team who have worked on numerous projects and have true expertise. You can see this team and contact any member directly by visiting our team page and filtering by healthcare. 

We can advise

Because we have worked extensively in this field, we can advise clients as to the suitability of their project and help to develop the best strategies for engaging with participants and gaining the insights they require.

We already know what is possible and what works. We also know that this area of work is very different from consumer research. 

Working with some agencies you may find you have to explain these differences, or come to learn that the techniques they have might be geared towards a product launch, but be less suited to pharmaceutical market research.

We have a pre-existing database

In house, we have a database of both healthcare professionals and healthcare users and these provide us with the full scope of disease areas and professional specialisms required for any healthcare research.

A further advantage is our link to community partnerships and organisations, this further expanding our reach and ability to gain the insights you require. We also have multiple global networks.

Our team is confident across all methodologies – for healthcare, this would include the following (though this is not an exhaustive list)

  • focus groups and interviews
  • In-home interviews
  • In-work interviews
  • Usability studies
  • Health economics and outcomes research
  • Participant diaries
  • Fieldwork research with healthcare users, patients and carers (this for a wide range of conditions)
  • Fieldwork research with healthcare professionals – all industries and all levels of seniority
  • When undertaking research, we can use our two dedicated viewing centres as applicable.These have state of the art recording equipment and are superb venues where it is possible to interview participants or carry out group sessions.

The Highest Standards of Market Research

The proof of our quality is in our case studies and past clients. Please take some time to view our past work, this shows how we worked with clients to understand their needs, advise as appropriate and deliver the findings that could benefit their business.

As you will see, there are case studies specific to the healthcare field

Read past case studies

Healthcare case study 1

Healthcare case study 2


We have won awards, received accreditation and have professional certification, for instance for data usage – you can find out more on this site.

We also have a bespoke verification programme called Acumonitor, this verifies all participants. We take every step to ensure you can be confident in the validity of the research and analysis we provide.

Acumonitor is an example of how we are actively looking to drive the standards of market research forward – you can read more and watch a short video that explains more.

Contact Us

On this site, there are contact details for every manager, so you can get in touch with our any member of the team and discuss your requirements.

Whether you require further information, would benefit from an obligation-free quote, or simply want to discuss how to approach your healthcare research requirements, please do get in touch.

Call us on 0161 234 9940 or use our Contact Form.