Healthcare Research Firm

Acumen is a leading healthcare research firm, specialists in any kind of study around healthcare professionals and healthcare users.

Our dedicated healthcare fieldwork research team is highly valued by clients. The knowledge and skills we’ve built up over years within this market sector mean we can advise on the feasibility of projects and how to effectively engage participants from the start.

If you’re seeking experts in recruitment and management of human factors research, medical device usability and pharmaceutical market research, Acumen is the best choice.

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Leading healthcare market research firm

Why are Acumen leaders in healthcare market research? We’ve invested in healthcare research and we have our own dedicated fieldwork team just for healthcare. Their combined experience and thoughtful professionalism makes an immediate impact when you work with us.

We also have our own UK-wide database of healthcare professionals as well as healthcare users. This resource means we can operate confidently across the full scope of disease areas and professional specialisms that are required for any medical research. 

Another reason we stand out is because we have strong community partnerships and work with a number of organisations. This expands our scope and reach much further than traditional recruitment and ensures we are one of the leading healthcare research firms in the UK.


Acumen’s healthcare fieldwork research team

Our services go well beyond the capabilities of our healthcare fieldwork team. We provide a deep sense of care and professionalism. The team take pride in facilitating research which could ultimately help the lives of people with long-term health conditions

Working within the healthcare market sector presents different challenges to consumer research. We’ve invested within our healthcare fieldwork team to ensure we uphold the highest levels of professionalism and sensitivity.

Acumen has a raft of industry accreditations to demonstrate that we work to the highest quality standards. We’re also proud to hold industry awards and nominations for data collection and innovation.



Our medical research firm’s services

The healthcare research team at Acumen is confident across all methodologies, including the ones listed below:

  • Focus Groups/Interviews
  • In home interviews
  • In work interviews
  • Usability Studies
  • Health Economics and Outcomes Research
  • Participant diaries
  • Fieldwork Research with Healthcare users, patients and carers for a range of condition
  • Fieldwork Research with Healthcare professionals in all industries, at all levels of seniority.

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Two healthcare research case studies

For a closer look at the work done by our healthcare research firm, take a look at two of Acumen’s case studies.


Case study 1: Respiratory study

Acumen were asked to find participants who suffered with asthma and people living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) to test the user experience of a new app. 

The app was developed to provide support and information to people with a range of respiratory problems. In addition we were asked to recruit Healthcare professionals from a variety of disciplines and specialisms.

For a project like this, the database built up by our healthcare fieldwork market research team was an invaluable resource. It contains healthcare professionals of all levels and specialisms, in addition to people who have been diagnosed with a range of conditions and have volunteered to take part in studies. 

The team also used their presence on social media to target people who were likely to meet one or more of the quotas required. The team drew a large pool of potential participants, who were then carefully screened to ensure they all met the criteria specified by the client.

Read more about our Respiratory Case Study here.

Case study 2: Blood borne diseases

We were asked to find participants for a study exploring the pathway to recovery for people with Hepatitis C, who also inject drugs. The purpose of the study was to understand what potential barriers to treatment they might experience. 

They were to sit in a panel with experts in the treatment of Hepatitis C and other key stakeholders in the field.

The main challenge was finding participants who matched the specific profiles for the project. We used our own database, and also community forums and third-party databases. Acumen was able to recruit all of the participants the client wanted to meet with for this study. You can read more about this case study here.

Read more about our Blood Borne Diseases case study here.


Work with award-winning healthcare reseach firm

Get in touch with us to discuss your healthcare market research. We can quote on your project, and also advise on feasibility and the best methodologies to use.

Our healthcare fieldwork team are sensitive to the needs of your research and also the audience you’re trying to engage with. We will take the time to discuss your research, understanding the intricacies of your project. 

Our medical fieldwork team will work closely with you to create the documentation for your project, including a schedule and screening questionnaire.

We will find the participants you need, using our extensive database of healthcare users and professionals, supplemented by our community contacts and social media.

At all stages of the project, you’ll get full feedback on recruitment progress to keep you updated on project quotas and delivery. Once healthcare recruitment is completed you will receive full participant profiles ahead of your research taking place.

Contact us to take the next step on your fieldwork project with Acumen. Call 0161 234 9940 or click on the link to our contact form below. We feel confident we’re the right healthcare research firm for you.