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Acumen is a leader in international fieldwork, with a specialism and experience in this particular branch of analysis.

International Market Research Services

As you would expect of any market research agency, we have dedicated teams for quantitative and qualitative research, we augment these by having data analysis experts embedded within the team.

We also have a specialist medical research and healthcare unit, recognising that the nature of analysis in this area is different from commercial questions.

We also stand apart through our ability to undertake international research questions and deliver the analysis you need to make decisions that are accurate and specific to each location.

International Market Research Experience

For research that has a global aspect, it is important to hit the ground running, to choose a company with research experts who have available networks of users and respondents in the countries you wish to analyse.

Without this, the process is likely to be time consuming and may lead to data that is not robust – it may be difficult to find and properly screen suitable candidates.

We have worked on projects in Europe, the United States, South East Asia, Australia, Russia and more – because of this we have proprietary databases of global candidates for research.

As shown through the recognition we have for being innovative, we also understand how to use modern methods to find suitable candidates, for instance online forums and also the relevant social media platforms in each region.

The benefit of this experience is that, through a single point of contact, you get detailed reporting on each area, analysing both commonalities and also differences. This enables any business or organisation to tailor decisions for each market, choose where to prioritise and explore opportunities that may only exist in some places.

The research can also delve into reputational questions – for instance, the organisation’s reputation or standing may be very different depending on the country. What further questions does this then suggest?

How Our Company Helps With International Research

As an agency with a proven track record in global research questions, we can help clients achieve the following benefits.

  • Checking the suitability of products, new launches, and iterations for each specific market. Where is success most likely to be achieved, which regions may not be so worth of focus?
  • Analysing product / service usage by region. Is this uniform, or does it vary? Are certain aspects more popular in certain locations?
  • Are there universal rival products, or does the overall market vary by region. What does this say for both opportunities and threats?
  • What is the overall company or product’s reputation by country? Is awareness the same? Are there reputational problems to overcome?
  • Which gaps in the market exist locally?
  • How mature is the market in every location, and how does this influence future decision making
  • What is the current market size, how is this likely to change, and how much competition is there for this market size?
  • How does public awareness vary?

By analysing these questions and many more – and we work fully in partnership with clients to understand and, where appropriate help shape the brief, it is possible to get a true understanding for the global market and also then shape future decisions.

Money can be spent effectively, time used efficiently. The research may largely back up assumptions, or it might showcase ideas and insights that could never have been otherwise formulated.

How We Work With You

Our step-by-step approach  is proven, but please don’t think this is a one size fits all approach. The key point is that we work with clients to take the time to talk about their aims, the nature of the research and the type of insights that are being sought.

From there, we can build a recommended plan of best action, which you are free to consider at your leisure.

Broadly speaking, we work with clients in this way:

  • We will collaborate with you to turn your research goals into a schedule covering the regions you need in the timescale you want.
  • We will liaise with all suppliers from each market to become the single point of contact on your project.
  • We will design and deliver our screening materials to our teams on the ground to begin finding the participants you need.
  • We will update you on all stages of the fieldwork process giving you real time updates on recruitment.
  • We will coordinate with your schedules to allow any of your stakeholders to be present during the research.
  • We will provide all participant profiles ahead of the research taking place and report any outcomes to you directly.

Examples of Our Company’s Work

On this site, there are case studies relating to two interesting research projects that involved international market research.

One involved the Games Industry to look at global information about PlayStation users.

Research was required in five specific countries – Turkey, Poland, France, Spain and Italy – and a fast turnaround was essential.

We found and screened all participants and held scheduled in-home interviews with all participants across the multiple time zones.

All those undertaking the interview reported back to us, so there was a single point of contact collating all the data – we have in-house data teams who work with the research experts,

The work ultimately enabled the client to develop new understandings about their users in locations they deemed to be key. There were, of course, similarities between the gamers across Europe, but also many subtle differences, these then helping to shape the company’s direction.

Other case studies have included in the beauty industry and also in healthcare.

Please contact us if you would like examples of work pertinent to your area of interest.

Next Steps

If you are looking to undertake international market research, please contact us for an obligation free conversation.

About Acumen

Our large research agency team are on hand to help with all your research queries.

We’ve got years of experience working with big brands, large agencies and boutique market research companies.

Our award-winning research team has been recognised throughout our industry, with a reputation for lateral thinking and problem solving that seeks to answer the questions at the heart of your brief.

We provide a tailored approach which begins from our earliest conversations and continues with your dedicated project manager who will keep you updated throughout the research process.

We are happy to discuss any research methodology and will provide transparent and practical advice on the feasibility of your project. Some of the more common types of qualitative market research services we regularly provide are:

  • Focus groups
  • Interviews
  • Workshops
  • In-home research
  • Online communities
  • Accompanied shops
  • Customer and stakeholder events
  • Recruitment from client lists


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