Coffee to go

16th December 2022

Richard Lumour, Quantitative Project Manager at Acumen gives an insight into an in-field coffee-tasting project.

Mid-November, 18th and 19th to be precise, I was tasked with being the project lead on a coffee taste test in Newcastle. Quite the logistical challenge, 420 coffees over 2 days, 2 different types of coffees, from 3 different vendors!

Personally, I love a good logic puzzle. This kind of project was my first hall test, but immediately I could mentally see all of the challenges and tasks that needed ironing out. And it all felt like it was going to be fun.

Obtaining cash incentives, organising a recruiter team (and their accommodation), sourcing a venue, getting all the cups, stirrers, and milk, along with tracking quotas, checking the survey, and finally getting all of the items to Newcastle, lots of small tasks to make one big project.

After a half day of driving in torrential rain to get to Newcastle, I met with the team tasked with intercepting passing shoppers to recruit them. After COVID, it’s been nice to get to meet our recruiters in person. There’s only so much you can communicate over the phone, but by speaking in person, and seeing their processes, you can give a steer when needed to achieve the desired goals.

Finally, after the last lattes had been consumed and evaluated, it was done. Having not had the opportunity to work anywhere North of Manchester, it was a pleasure to work alongside the recruiter team. The quotas were full, and the client was happy with the data we sent across. I made sure to pick up a Newcastle favourite food (a stottie cake) at the recommendation of one of the team!

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