The Public Decides

19th November 2019

Ahead of the General Election we've been asking people what they think about the major political parties, their leaders and what issues matter the most to them in the upcoming election.

In the first of our surveys that went out to the Research Opinions community last week we were able to collect a range of views from prospective voters across the country. One of the most decisive questions was about the big issues facing the nation. Top of the list was Brexit followed by concerns on the NHS, crime, the economy and the environment. Interestingly when we asked which issues concerned people personally, the responses we received put crime into fourth place while the NHS edged in front of Brexit - suggesting that people have different concerns when thinking about their personal circumstances versus the big issues they view as facing the nation.

This may have been reflected in another question put to voters. When asked about which leader's government they'd personally favour to deal specifically with Brexit, people were equally divided. Only 39% supported the idea of a Boris Johnson led government while 36% supported the notion of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership; crucially the remaining 26% were unable to decide.

It seems that the potential leaders are proving to be particularly unpopular. When asked to rate the performance of both Johnson and Corbyn 59% of participants rated Johnson as performing badly while 68% gave Corbyn the same rating of disapproval. How this will play out as we head further into the election cycle remains to be seen with both candidates, vying for the top job in the government, take to their debating podiums this evening.

Acumen will be tracking the public sentiment and attitudes around the upcoming election with a series of polls going out over the coming weeks. Make sure you're following all the news on our social media channels and checking our website for regular updates.

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