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Acumen is one of the UK’s leading qualitative market research companies, offering a full range of services to give you the deep understanding you need to make your product or service the best it can be.

Our award winning agency has years of experience in data gathering and analysis to provide the strategic insights needed to drive your brand or product forward.

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What is qualitative research?

Qualitative research tends to focus  on the ‘why’ rather than the ‘what’. It usually relates to the experiences of people, and this can vary widely from individual to individual.

Qualitative research methods typically involve interviews, focus groups, observation, questionnaires and case studies. The data that is collected in this type of consumer research is usually non-numerical. It will often be about opinions and emotional responses, rather than ‘yes’ or ‘no’ responses.

When conducting qualitative research, the questions are usually open ended instead of closed. For example, ‘Why would you choose Brand A instead of Brand B?’, would be a question asked in qualitative market research, over ‘Do you buy Brand A?’


How this differs from quantitative research

Quantitative research is generally about numbers and data. It relates to the kind of data you keep on spreadsheets, and anything that’s recorded as a figure or empirical fact. 

This kind of data can easily be compared and measured. It helps to identify trends and patterns, and is often referred to by researchers as ‘quant’ data.

Quantitative market research usually takes the form of surveys, interviews and user-testing, to gain information across a wide base that yields statistical data and trend-based insights. 


Why we stand out among qualitative research firms

We are one of the leading qualitative market research companies in the UK, combining innovation with rigorous quality controls and second-to-none client relations in the research industry.

And we have a global reach so we can offer insights that are international or country-specific. We create customized research plans for each of our clients to make sure we deliver the data collection, analytical services and strategic customer insights that you seek.

Your qualitative projects are in the best of hands with us and you can expect the sort of authentic insights that lead to market opportunities and business growth.

We also stand out from other market research companies because of the specialisms that we have developed in our years of working at the forefront of the research industry.

Outstanding fieldwork

We are proud of our high-quality fieldwork. We understand the ways different social groups engage and interact, and embrace the latest innovations for capturing data.

We have links to community partnerships and organisations, and a separate, dedicated healthcare fieldwork team.

And we provide international market research. Our global fieldwork networks extend our reach to provide all types of insights required. 

Healthcare specialism

Standard approaches won’t work for highly specialist healthcare research. We operate a dedicated team with huge experience in this area. We have a database of healthcare professionals and healthcare users to provide a full range of participants for healthcare research.


Qualitative research solutions for B2B

Acumen offers business to business marketing research to give you insights into the thinking of the decision makers at businesses who buy your product or service.

If you want a deeper understanding of the market, your customer and the thinking behind their decisions, then our highly experienced consultants in our B2B team will deliver the insights you need.

Our B2B team can deliver a full service in qualitative and quantitative research in a cost effective manner, so please get in touch with them about your B2B research project.

Find out more about our B2B research services here or call on 0161 234 9940.


Our qualitative research services

Acumen is one of the top market research companies in the United Kingdom and we offer a full service of research solutions to provide the qualitative data you are looking for.

Here are some of the qualitative research services we are frequently asked to supply for clients:

  • Focus groups, both in-person and remote
  • Face to face and in-depth interviews
  • Workshops
  • In-home research
  • Online communities
  • Accompanied shops
  • Customer and stakeholder events
  • User testing or product testing

We are experts at all forms of in person research methodologies, to provide insights into the customer experience, public opinion and customer satisfaction. You’ll get full service market research with our agency, on any research topics.


Benefits of working with our market research company

  • We have rigorous quality control and our clients get the benefit of our bespoke Acumonitor system that verifies all participants for our market research
  • Acumen’s qualitative research team are all in-house, with our fieldworkers alongside our data analysts, producing meaningful insights through their combined experience and knowledge
  • Each client has a dedicated project manager keeping them informed and resolving any issues that arise on their qualitative research project.
  • We give every project the full attention that it needs, regardless of budget or timescale.
  • We like to work as an extension of your team, delivering each market research project smoothly while contributing to the overall success of your organisation.

Meet the team

Our Qualitative Market Research team is adept at managing all aspects of market research logistics but, when it comes to qualitative research, we relish any opportunity to find those participants who will really light up your project.

We have our own in-house recruitment team with access to a national database of over 100,000 participants, and can go beyond this to find niche or hard to reach people for any type of research.

Acumen’s exclusive Acumonitor system guarantees that the research participants for your qualitative research project exactly meet your criteria. Find out more here.

You can meet the people in our Qualitative Market Research team on our Team page

There is a mini-biography with direct links to call or email each of them. Please contact a relevant member of our team for an obligation-free conversation about your project and research.

We’re happy to discuss any research methodology and will provide transparent and practical advice on the feasibility of your project.


Case studies

Find out more about our work in depth via our case studies:


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