What is Market Research Fieldwork?

Market Research Fieldwork is the gathering of information from potential customers and industry leaders to acquire insights into products or services. It is an integral step in the market research process, supplying data which can be applied to decision-making and marketing strategies. Acumen Fieldwork is a professional market research fieldwork organization, providing access to excellent databases and proficient recruitment teams. This industry leader makes certain that accurate data is presented to our customers for them to use.

By blending our know-how with modern technologies, Acumen guarantees trustworthy results that assist businesses in making well-considered decisions and crafting successful products and plans. Acumen Fieldwork’s specialized teams including B2B and Social Research, Healthcare, Qualitative and Quantitative will give you skilled fieldwork directors regardless of your study. Examples of the B2B and Social Team’s topics involve business owners and influencers in various sectors, fleet managers, LGBTQIA+, refugees and asylum seekers, social workers working with extremism, homelessness and addiction, social media influencers, high net worth individuals, and ethnic and faith diversity studies. Utilizing various approaches such as focus groups/interviews, in-home interviews, in work interviews, usability studies, health economics and outcomes research, and participant diaries.

Acumen Fieldwork originated from a conviction that the research sector needed a different type of fieldwork agency; one that wouldn’t fear change and would exceed conventional methods of research management while still observing rigorous quality standards. This is the sensible approach to fieldwork control and is the essence of our company. We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive shop for all your research requirements. If it is something which we are not able to provide internally, then it is something which we are happy to source for you.

Aside from fieldwork, recruitment, venue sourcing, provision of interviewers, group facilitators and a few other services that we provide, we can also assist with additional supplementary services to make sure your research runs without problems. Acumen Fieldwork has been acknowledged as award-winning and is an MRS Company Partner and Certified to ISO 20252.

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