Computer says, ABSOLUTELY!

17th January 2023

Database recruitment is a key method in finding fantastic participants but it clearly comes with some caveats. How big? How is it managed? What information does it hold? How is it different from a panel? These are all important questions and not all databases are created equal!

Here at Acumen we have the UK's largest database with participants who have actively signed up and are warm to take part. It is managed in-house and participation is closely monitored, meaning we can focus our attention on recruiting new, fresh participants. Last year alone over 55,000 unique participants applied to take part in our research projects.

“What if the people I need aren’t just sitting on your database waiting for your call?” We don’t feel that giving a project back because participants aren’t on our database is acceptable, especially in a world where it is so easy to find and contact people. So in-house recruiting from scratch through a variety of sources is very much part of what we do. Where possible, our in-house recruiters will join your briefing call together with the project manager so nothing gets lost in translation. We deliver real-time updates so there are no last-minute surprises before fieldwork. We pride ourselves in thinking outside the box when it comes to recruitment, so we can recruit to even the most complex of quotas including hard-to-reach participants. We will work together with you to design the approach, agreeing who to contact and how we will reach them.

Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords here at Acumen, but are lived through our members of staff and are always top of mind when recruiting participants – something we think should be standard on all projects.

Quality standards are also assured and Acumen are committed to maintaining the high standards for which we are known. In 2007 we developed our own fraud and repeat participant prevention system - Acumonitor. Available only to Acumen’s clients, ensuring that we offer only the freshest participants who match the exact criteria that our clients need for their research. We were also pioneers of the MRS / AQR Recruiter Accreditation Scheme and helped establish the framework for it.

We pride ourselves on being flexible on project timings and tight recruitment windows. So, if your client is in a hurry to get work conducted then give Acumen a call to discuss the requirements.

Computer says, ABSOLUTELY!

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