2023 how it began

30th January 2023

Holly, one of the Recruitment Specialists in our B2B and Social Research Team, discusses some of the exciting projects to have kicked off 2023 with a bang.

“In the first project, I completed this year, the client wanted to conduct market research with a face-to-face component, of 40 participants. The research was focused on Food and Hospitality businesses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Contacting smaller and newer businesses through standard processes, particularly for food vans, market stalls and businesses with low hygiene ratings was expected to provide a challenge. To address this issue upfront, we spent time building contacts with street food vendors and market stalls in Wales and Northern Ireland. Additionally, we took the opportunity to make direct f2f contact with businesses where possible, this proved fruitful.

Using these multiple methods of sourcing participants provided a diverse selection of the target group, which proved invaluable for our client.

Hot off the heels of this B2B project, I was involved with a project where we were commissioned by a UK Water Company to work on a study which aims to engage with 35 participants who are part of their more vulnerable customer base, ie who are likely to fall within at least two of these groups (unemployed, low household income, in debt, digitally challenged, low reading/writing skills, physical disabilities, mental health issues, and older people 75+). The client was also looking for Eastern European participants who have lived in the UK for less than two years.

The target groups have low representation online, and we had the additional complexity that they had to live in specific geographic locations, so we had to use additional tools to build contacts and also engage with community groups where appropriate.

When screening these participants, the topics needed to be addressed carefully and sensitively in order to put people at ease and allow our clients to gain meaningful insights.

It was really enjoyable working on these two projects and I am looking forward to my next challenge.”

If you want to discuss your next project, please contact us on costings@acumenfieldwork.com

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