Quantitative Research Agency

If you’re looking for a quantitative research agency to develop your brand, shape a service or product, or guide your campaign or launch, Acumen stands out in the UK and further afield.


Acumen is a leading quantitative research agency, known for bespoke, cutting-edge solutions and high standards. We are experts in all forms of market research, recognised with industry awards and nominations for innovation and data-collection.


Why Acumen?


Our research agency combines global reach with rigorous quality controls and modern techniques to gain the insights that will drive your project forward. Our international networks help produce global insights as well as data and trends specific to different countries or regions. 


We also have a separate team dedicated to healthcare fieldwork and recruitment bringing bespoke knowledge and approaches to this area. 


How we work


At Acumen, it’s all about the how. We have a broad range of experience of different quantitative research methods, from hall testing to product placement, on-street interviews to online communities. 


But it’s the care and attention we put into your project that really sets us apart.


We keep all our quantitative research services in-house, with a close-knit team of fieldworkers and data analysts complementing each other with their know-how and experience to produce meaningful insights.


We work as consultative partners, discussing your brief, then designing all elements of the quantitative research. Our aim is to create long-lasting partnerships that help each project run smoothly and successfully, while at the same time contributing to the growth of your business.


What we do


These are some of the quantitative research agency services we are frequently asked to deliver:

  • Online/CATI
  • On street
  • In Store
  • Exit Interviews
  • Hall Tests/Taste Tests
  • Product Placement Trials
  • Mystery Shopping
  • User Testing


Working with us

When you partner with us for quant research services, here’s what you can expect:


  • We’ll work with you to create a strategy that best matches the aims of your research, no matter what your budget or timescale 
  • You’ll have a dedicated project manager who keeps you informed from start to finish 
  • We create all documentation to support your project from start to finish 
  • Full survey scripting with capacity to manage quotas in real-time and regular updates from fieldwork team 
  • A 1:10 proportion of all data collected is verified in line with our ISO20252 accreditation 
  • Data analysis by our in-house team is delivered in SPSS, Excel or an alternative format


Case studies


These two case studies that offer a close-up look at our quantitative market research agency services:


Quantitative case study: Footwear brand


A leading footwear brand wanted to know more about the purchase process consumers go through when buying new shoes via data from markets including the UK, US, China, France and South Korea. Our quant market research team has networks of interviewers who can provide on-street interviewers internationally. 


The team used their own app to capture the data, in different languages, in a consistent format. 


We provided the client with a full picture of the consumer purchase process across a number of markets, which they incorporated into numerous campaigns. Read more here:



Quantitative case study: Online market sizing


We were commissioned by a well-known retailer to provide data for an online market sizing project. We conducted 1,700 online interviews via a number of panels, then structured the sampling to match the client’s needs. We delivered this project within a total timescale of two weeks. 

Read more here:


To find out about our quant research services contact Adam Benson on 0161 234 9940 or email adam.benson@acumenfieldwork.com